Habilidades de relación y comunicación

Our consultations

Primera consulta gratuitaThe purpose of a psychological consultation is to have a space to talk, without haste and in depth, about what concerns us or what we might have some discomfort with.
It´s about an hour talk with a professional, in a quiet and discreet place, in order to understand what is happening to us, and evaluate each patient, correct the current situation, and help you develop your own resources to cope with the discomfort.

Relationship and communication skills

Social skills are certain behaviours that we use when we interact socially where we express emotions, feelings, rights, etc… Everyone can learn how to improve their ability to relate with others with support and the right help.

PsicologíaThe purpose of a psychology consultation is to enhance and develop those communication skills that are harder for us to put in practice or that we cannot transmit to others.
There are certain ways to enhance positive emotional skills, such as being able to identify our feelings and express them properly, learn to control our impulses and learn to reduce stress at overwhelming times.
Conduct skills are also very important when it comes to speaking in public or apologising to others. Finally cognitive skills are those that make us understand others points of view, and keep a positive attitude toward life and ourselves.
In our consultations, the psychologist will do an analysis and assessment of the patient’s personal skills, also cognitive variations will be estimated, so we will propose several specific techniques to enhance social skills, cognitive skills and, if necessary, techniques based on imagination or other techniques such as hipnosis, to improve and develop our social skills.